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Leslie Cohea

Welcome to Mrs. Cohea’s classroom!  

Important Information:

    1)  I will be posting grades every week, so the students will need to know their student ID to check their grades.

    2)  Alg 1supplies: pencils, 4 glue sticks, colorful pens (not black), 1 Kleenex, 3 ring binder, pencil bag, spiral notebook (2-3 subject), plastic folder, either colored pencils or highlighters (4 pk), 1 dry erase marker, sharpener if you get colored pencils, & calculator (optional).

         Math Finance: binder w/loose leaf paper & folder or notebook w/folder insert, pencils, pens (colorful, not black), some graph paper, & pencil bag.

         Alg 3: pencils, colorful pens (not black), highlighters, 2-3 subject notebook w/folder insert, & calculator (optional).

    3)  My plan is 5th hour: 12:24 – 1:11 for first semester and 12:49-1:36 for second semester.  Email is the fastest way for me to respond. 

RTI is a great time to finish homework or get help on the problems that you didn’t understand.  It can also be utilized to study for Test or Quiz, make up (or re-take) a Test or Quiz, go over lessons missed, and go over a failed Quiz or Test before re-taking it.

Students are allowed to make a cheat sheet for a Quiz or Test.  Alg 1:  cheat sheet is 1 sheet of paper that they handwrite formulas, problems, or any other little notes that they want to use on a Quiz or Test.  Students are allowed both sides for the 1st semester but only one side for the 2nd semester.  All Tests & Quizzes will be on Tuesday’s & Thursday’s. Alg3: index card for cheat sheet.

Leslie Cohea

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