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Senior Scholarships

Scholarship Title Due Date Past Due
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation College Scholarship Program 11/14/17 PAST DUE
Sixt Scholars Program 11/30/17 PAST DUE
The Gates Scholarship 9/15/17 PAST DUE
Discover Scholarsip 12/31/18  
Oklahoma City Community Foundation Scholarships Various  
Native American Political Leadership Program 2/1/18 PAST DUE
Association on American Indian Affairs Scholarship 12/15/17 PAST DUE
SWE Scholarship ( Society of Women Engineers) 5/1/18 PAST DUE
NSU Scholarship Various  
Cherokee Nation Scholarships Various  
Indian Health Services Scholarship    
OU Scholarships 12/15/17 PAST DUE
NEO Scholarships 3/1/18 PAST DUE
OSU Scholarships 2/1/18 PAST DUE
Abbott and Fenner Scholarship 6/14/18  
Redfin Scholarship 1/31/18 PAST DUE
Academic Scholars Program Scholarship    
Fresh N’ Lean Scholarship 5/1/18 PAST DUE
Imagine America Scholarship (Trade School Student Scholarship)    
AES Scholarship 10/6/18  
Student Resource Guide  (Scholarships, Interniships, Fellowships & Information)    
Pete & Lela Stavros Scholarship (family a member of Oklahoma State Firefighters Association) 4/1/18 PAST DUE
Oklahoma Beef Cattle Industry Scholarship 5/15/18  
Rosenthal & Wadas Aspiring Attorney Scholarship 5/1/18 PAST DUE


Local Senior Scholarships

Scholarship Title Due Date Past Due
Grove Rotary Froundation College Scholarship 3/13/18 PAST DUE
REC Scholarship 3/16/18 PAST DUE
Derek Holeman Memorial Scholarship 3/26/18 PAST DUE
Bank of Grand Lake 3/28/18 PAST DUE
Grove POE (Education majors only) 3/28/18 PAST DUE
DCRW (paper copy only located by the scholarship office) 3/28/18 PAST DUE
Gary Thompson Memorial (must be a senior male on the golf team) 3/28/18 PAST DUE
Gary Dunham Memorial Scholarship (parent must be a city employee) 3/30/18 PAST DUE
First National Bank of Grove 3/28/18 PAST DUE
Beta Sigm Phi (paper copy only) 3/28/18 PAST DUE
VFW/VFW Auxiliary (must have a verteran in the family) (paper copy only) 3/28/18 PAST DUE
Grove Masonic Lodge (paper copy only) 3/28/18 PAST DUE
Cory Smith Memorial (must be athlete, wrestlers preferred) 3/31/18 PAST DUE
Counselor’s Leadership Scholarship 3/28/18 PAST DUE
Grove Memorial Scholarship 3/28/18 PAST DUE
American Farmers and Ranchers Insurance (must have insurance with then, no application) 3/28/18 PAST DUE
Zeta Alpha/ESA Sority (this is open to males & females) 3/28/18 PAST DUE
FOP/Edwin Kraft Memorial (must be interested in law enforcement) 3/28/18 PAST DUE
Friends of the Library (paper copy only) 3/28/18 PAST DUE
Simmons (parent must be employee/grower for Simmons) (paper copy only) 3/28/18 PAST DUE
Floys & Sybil Baker Scholarship (must be interested in Ag or Ag field; no application) 3/28/18 PAST DUE
Chase Morris Memorial Scholarship (must be on tennis team) 3/28/18 PAST DUE
GCTA – T.J. Melton Scholarship 3/28/18 PAST DUE
United Methodist Women (must be a member of First United Methodist Church) 3/15/18 PAST DUE
Richard Vernon Memorial (Aviation related major or attending Air Force Academy) 3/9/18 PAST DUE
Brigett Milikan Memorial Scholarship (must have a verteran in the family) (paper copy only) 3/28/18 PAST DUE
Lucille Vernon Memorial Nursing Scholarship (must be pursing a career in nursing) 3/12/18 PAST DUE
Combat Veterans Memorial Scholarship (must have a verteran in the family) (paper copy only) 3/28/18 PAST DUE
Delaware Co. Retired Educators Association (Education Majors only) (paper copy only) 2/23/18 PAST DUE
Eta-Omega Scholarship (must be a female)  (paper copy only) 3/28/18 PAST DUE
Northern Oklahoma Board of Realtors Scholarship  3/31/18 PAST DUE
Jay Lions Club Scholarship (paper copy only) 4/20/18 PAST DUE
Dan Stamper Memorial Scholarship (medical field preferred) 3/28/18 PAST DUE
Arvest Foundation Scholarship (using the Grove Memorial Scholarship Application)   PAST DUE

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